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Rigging plays a vital part in ensuring there is sufficient infrustructure available for a production by way of hanging positions and ground support structures.

With our assistance we have been able to allow our client’s more options that can give that extra wow factor when considering their event. From suspending a car over your stage to a three dimensional moving screen our team is able to go beyond the day to day standard rigging solutions. We combine bespoke engineering, 3d design and a wider knowledge of equipment outside of the standard events range to offer new insights into the possible. 

We are experienced in working in locations which are not usually used for staging events and can offer valuable consultation when considering a location, along with cost effective solutions to resolve problems. 

Our Rigging Equipment

We carry extensive ranges on medium & light duty trusses along with a fleet of electric chain hoist with 0.5t and 1t SWL. Ideal for lighting trusses and scenic support medium duty range of truss is designed to work with our heavy duty truss and can also be used to create ground support systems ideal for video walls or staging applications. 

We hold a wide range of component ‘lose rigging‘ items ranging from shackles to steel wire rope terminations along with various truss adaptor assemblies. From our stock we can offer a diverse range of solution to all problems.

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Please feel free to contact us by any of the means below. Also, consider dropping in to our base in Gatwick for a coffee, chat and a look around.

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