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Scenic LED is the fastest growing part of the event industry. We have supplied lots of different types of LED screen at all sorts of different resolutions and dimensions.

We stock Hippotizer media servers that play back either custom content or stock content. The Hippotizer is typically controlled by a lighting console and is the link between video and lighting enabling central control of the look and feel of a stage.

There are various different screen products available each with different features. Some are smaller and therefore more versatile; some are larger which help quick load in and out times. See below for examples of them in use.

Barco Mi-Trix & Mi-Strip:


MiTRIX is a lightweight, bright and highly transparent module for indoor use. With a 24mm pixel pitch and 3000 Nit brightness, the MiTRIX sets a new standard of performance in the creative LED display segment.

The MiTRIX is based on the successful and proven O-Lite platform that provides superior image quality. The all-metal construction provides efficient cooling of the LEDs as well as the ruggedness and strength required for the demanding rental and staging applications. Find out more

Martin LC Series:


The LC Series is a semi-transparent, modular system of LED panels, perfect for displaying video and images. Designed for stage shows, TV studios and other commercial applications, the LC closely integrates light, video and set design, offering entirely new possibilities for staging. Find out more



Versatube is an flexible creative video and cost effective option. Great for rock and roll or corporate sets built together to form a low red screen or placed around the stage or set for eye candy. Find out more

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